The highest performance AMR for tight spaces

OTTO 1200 moves heavy payloads in the tightest environments and delivers unmatched throughput with its industry-leading average speed.

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Unlock a wide range of applications with the ability to move heavy payloads on pallets, racks, and bins

Leverage the compact footprint to quickly and safely move materials in the most space-constrained environments

Prevent slowdowns at intersections, turns, and around people with patented adaptive fieldset technology


Simplified maintenance for maximum uptime

Leveraging a decade of field service experience, OTTO 1200 has been intentionally designed with a service-first approach to reduce downtime. Equipped with rapid-access drawers that eliminate the need to remove payloads, OTTO 1200 enables quick maintenance that can be easily tackled by a single person.

Durable build for harsh environments

With a rugged all-metal body, rocker suspension and improved drivetrain, OTTO 1200 is engineered for a lasting performance in the toughest environments.

Adaptive fieldsets for high performance safety

Equipped with patented technology that improves visibility in the direction of travel, OTTO 1200 quickly maneuvers around people and turns, delivering best-in-class average speed with zero compromise to safety.

OTTO 1200

1,200 kg (2,640 lb)

Total payload capacity

1.5 m/s (3.4 mph)

Travel speed

1350 x 910 x 320 mm

(53.1 x 35.8 x 12.6 in)


  • Patricio Espinosa, Director of Americas, Repair Operations, GE Healthcare

    We needed to find an on-demand solution for moving materials throughout the facility. OTTO was a perfect solution. The implementation of OTTO in the facility was a real success. We had a really good team of experts helping us implement it to our process.

    — Patricio Espinosa, Director of Americas, Repair Operations, GE Healthcare
  • Stephen D. Rice, Lead Engineer, Testing, GE Aviation

    [In our first year], we're proving out that we're $1.3M cost-out for this project.

    — Stephen D. Rice, Lead Engineer, Testing, GE Aviation
  • Todd Cober, Vice President, Cober

    Jobs are now 30 seconds instead of 15 minutes because OTTO allows our labor force to focus on what they were hired to do.

    — Todd Cober, Vice President, Cober
  • Kurt Oberparleiter, VP Operations,     Sunview Patio Doors

    OTTO delivers material to the right place, at the right time. It is the first type of material handling equipment that has a 100% safety rating.

    — Kurt Oberparleiter, VP Operations, Sunview Patio Doors

Webinar: Meet OTTO 1200, The Highest Performance AMR for Heavy-Payloads

To keep up with ever-changing consumer demands, manufacturers are constantly exploring innovative ways to optimize their plant layout with the end goal of maximizing overall throughput. With limited floor space availability in mind, OTTO Motors has introduced OTTO 1200: the high throughput AMR that can navigate quickly and safely in tight spaces, without sacrificing heavy-payload capacity.

On Tuesday, October 3rd from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m. EDT, learn how OTTO 1200 enables you to:

  • Maximize throughput with sophisticated features that deliver best-in-class average speeds while ensuring safety
  • Automate countless applications even in the tightest manufacturing spaces
  • Reduce downtime through quick and simplified maintenance

Meet our speaker

Dave Northup

Director, Product Management

OTTO Motors