OTTO Material Movement Platform

Built to move.
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Move material with OTTO AMRs

OTTO works for you.

The OTTO Material Movement Platform is comprised of three integrated solutions: OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robots, OTTO Fleet Manager and OTTO Care. Together our products make OTTO the premiere choice to move you toward lights-out production.

Workcell delivery

Picking to pack-out

Work in progress transportation

Lineside delivery

Palletizer to stretch wrapper

Finished goods transfer

Inbound to storage

Floor to floor

OTTO delivers every day

OTTO AMRs are masterfully crafted and designed for any job, so you can rely on them day in and day out.

How can OTTO work for you?

OTTO workflows are designed to maximize production flow with robotic delivery routes that are integrated into factory-wide workflows. Use cases include lineside delivery, palletizer to stretch wrapper, and finished goods transfer.

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OTTO Fleet Manager puts you in control.

Empower your operations team with robust, easy-to-use tools to build, maintain and optimize your material flow. Complete with flexible integrations, you can take control of productivity.

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OTTO Care has you covered.

Ensure your fleet is always healthy. We offer comprehensive care plans for the latest OTTO software and technical support. Peace of mind, should you need it, is just an email or a phone call away.

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