Faurecia Achieves an 11 Month ROI With OTTO AMRs

Faurecia Interior Systems

As the 9th largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world, Faurecia is a household name in the automotive industry. In fact, 1 in 3 automobiles are equipped by Faurecia. Their interior systems division, Faurecia Interior Systems, needed a reliable, small footprint material handling solution for timely deliveries with minimal downtime and hands-on support. They selected OTTO autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). 

The Solution

Faurecia Interior Systems currently has 8 OTTO AMRs deployed and are expanding their fleet to 4 more after only 1.5 years. While supporting Faurecia's 24/6.5 operation, OTTO AMRs also safely work alongside Faurecia's operators to move material from their shipping to warehouse application. 

The Results
Faurecia is proudly reporting on the following results after working with OTTO:

  • 11 month ROI
  • 15% reduction in work cell size
  • Zero safety or near-miss incidents
  • Standardized process that supports Faurecia's 5S system
  • Expanding the fleet to 4 more OTTO AMRs

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