Mauser Improves Throughput by 600% with OTTO

Mauser Packaging Solutions
 (Mauser) is a global packaging leader with over 180 facilities worldwide. Their traditional AGV system did not meet the required uptime and throughput to run a 24/7 production so they turned to autonomous material handling technology. Mauser selected OTTO 1500 — the world's most productive autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

The Solution 
Mauser currently has 2 OTTO 1500 AMRs at their Langley, BC and Oakville, ON facilities. While supporting Mauser's 24/7 operation, OTTO AMRs safely work alongside their operators to move plastic rigid containers from the conveyor to the stretch-wrapper.

The Results 
Mauser is proudly reporting on the following results after working with OTTO:

  • Langley facility: 3 laborers re-allocated to higher value-added roles
  • Langley facility: Removed the need for 2 additional forklifts
  • Langley facility: Improved safety by reducing manual forklift traffic
  • Oakville facility: Increased uptime and enhanced throughput by 600%

Diving Into the Numbers 
The traditional AGV system completed about 3-4 missions before going to the charging station, where it spent 25-30 minutes to charge enough to complete another 3-4 missions. A single OTTO AMR can complete up to 36 missions before going to the charger at about 70% of the battery level. The AGV system completed only 3-4 tasks before dropping to 15% of the battery level. In summary, the 600% throughput improvement is based on the number of total missions OTTO completes before going to the charger during regular operation, and not the OTTO’s maximum 13 hours run time. 

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